Aurora Guerrero

Aurura Guerrero

Aurora Guerrero has over 10 years of filmmaking experience. She directed award-winning short narrative films, including PURA LENGUA (official selection 2005 Sundance Film Festival) and VIERNES GIRL (winner of the 2005 HBO/NYLIFF short film competition). Based on the strength of her first feature length script, MOSQUITA Y MARI, Aurora was awarded the 2005 Sundance/Ford Fellowship, the 2005 Paul Robeson Development Grant, was selected to participate in the 2005 Sundance Native/Indigenous Lab; 2006 Tribeca All Access Filmmaker Program; 2009 Film Independent Producer’s Lab. Most recently, MOSQUITA Y MARI was awarded the 2011 SFFS/KRF grant, LG Cinema 3D Fellowship, and the Sundance Institute/Time Warner Foundation Fellowship for post production.

Her accomplishments as an emerging writer/director earned her a slot in Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film.” She has also had the honor of assisting directors Patricia Cardoso (REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, 2002) and Peter Bratt (LA MISSION, 2009). Aurora received her B.A. in Psychology and Chicano Studies from UC Berkeley and her M.F.A in Film Directing from Cal Arts in Los Angeles.

SHE IS CURRENTLY working on a movie project where she will present the life and struggles of an undocumented family in the United States. Although the family is fictional, Aurora plans to make the family an accurate depiction of an undocumented household.

The following is a background her past and current work  from her own words:

“I was originally born and raised in the San Francisco bay area.  When I first moved to Los Angeles to attend film school I couldn’t wait to finish up and get back up north to my family and friends. I thought that would be my destiny, you know, the way things are suppose to work out.  But I unexpectedly fell in love with this city, home to the second largest population of Mexicans outside of Mexico City.  So much history, cultura. So much criss-crossing – language, music, generations, identities, stories.  How could I leave when all I wanted to do is soak up all the beauty and inspiration with my pen and camera.

Since I teamed up with a talented group of LA Xicana (Chicana) filmmakers, WIM, to create short films like PURA LENGUA and VIERNES GIRLThese films traveled the world, opening a window into the current lives of young people living in Los Angeles. Along these lines, I’m working on my first feature length film, MOSQUITA Y MARI. A film bound to put Huntington Park, LA on the global map.

If I’m lucky, you know, destiny permitting, my life will continue to look like this: experience places, experience people, write, tell, live again. Y-que!”


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